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      This is where you can detail your  EXPERIENCE with a tenant, contractor, vendor, or other key team.  THIS IS NOT AN OPINION SITE.  POSTS WITHOUT EVIDENCE OF THE EXPERIENCE SHOULD BE FLAGGED TO MODERATORS WILL BE DELETED

      Here’s the  deal:  We want to know your EXPERIENCES  not OPINIONS (unless when formed by experience).

      Just saying “tina was a bad tenant” or “tina is an addict” is probably libel or slander. BAD

      Saying “tina lived in my apartment and was arrested 3x for dealing drugs while there, here is the police record” is OK.  It is an experience.

      Saying “John is a great contractor” is an opinion.   Not helpful, and you could be John (we don’t want self advertising here, that’s for the advertising section)

      Saying “look at the kitchen John did for me, in just 2 days, for $1500” (with appropriate backup) is good.


      See?  Easy.


      We will review each post as possible, but if you see one that isn’t right, please let us know.

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